In Colombia and Ecuador, the current security situation is relatively good. There is no reason to refrain from traveling to these countries due to high levels of crime, violence or other security concerns. Nonetheless, there are certain annoyances and dangers that must be considered, but can be largely avoided by following a few basic rules.

  • In most major cities of South America you should not walk around carefree at night. It is often better to travel shorter distances by taxi. Never use an ATM at night!
  • Theft is the most common danger. In the biggest cities, the problem is worst. This danger can be largely avoided if you carry no or only few valuables with you and keep them in well-hidden pockets. Beware of pickpockets in crowded public buses!
  • Armed robberies are rare. In any case, if you confront an attacker with a weapon, you should never resist. It’s helpful to have a quick bundle of banknotes available.
  • Remote regions should be avoided, especially in Colombia.
  • Avoid buying or consuming drugs.

Travel warnings

The only current travel warning issued by the BMEIA for South America is a partial travel warning for Venezuela, cf.