This trip to the Amazon region of Colombia offers unique impressions. We admire the wonderful nature with crystal clear rivers, waterfalls, tepuis and caves. The indigenous people live off the rainforest and we can get to know some of their traditions.

Amazon and indigeneous ceremony

The Colombia Amazonas tour brings us into the province of Vaupes near the Brazilian border in the Amazon lowlands. We visit the southern part of Vaupes, traversed by the Cananari River and inhabited by the indigenous groups of the Taibano and Cabiyari. Both still live very traditionally. The payes are the traditional leaders of the villages who care for their community in the malokas, the traditional longhouses, through prayer, ceremonies and their knowledge of nature.

To get to these remote villages we have to fly in small Cessna planes and take longer boat trips on the Cananari. But the journey through the rainforest alone offers many highlights and represents an unforgettable adventure!

Participants: 2 to 6
Dates: no fixed dates, upon arrangement!

4-6 pax2750 €
3 pax3000 €
2 pax3400 €

Prices valid for trips starting before 12/31/2023

On this trip to the Amazon lowlands of Colombia, you will get very far away from the usual world. You will not find comfortable hotels, most overnight stays are in hammocks in the traditional houses or in caves. Sometimes sweaty hikes in the rainforest are also on the program. What the trip lacks in comfort, however, is more than makes up for in impressions that you will never forget! The view of our “civilization” will certainly change.

The highlight of the trip is undoubtedly the big traditional ceremony. The central themes are healing and protection of the participants. This is a real ceremony, not a tourist presentation. The paye (shaman) decides exactly which ceremony he wants to perform. Including the day of preparation, this ceremony lasts three days.

Programm of the Colombia Amazon trip:

Day 1: Flight from Bogotá to Mitu, the capital of the department of Vaupés in the Colombian Amazon basin near the border with Brazil. Visit of the small town and overnight in a hotel.

Day 2: From the airport in Mitu we fly with a small Cessna in about 1 hour to the local community “Buenos Aires”. On the flight over dense jungle we see a few tepuis. From Buenos Aires we go by canoe to an impressive waterfall, the “Raudal de Jirijirimo”. In the afternoon we return to Buenos Aires where we spend the night in hammocks in a local house.

Day 3: We’ll be cruising the Cananari River by boat all day. Twice we pass rapids where we have to get out while indigenous people carry the boat through the current. Finally we reach the small town of Altamira, where we are welcomed by the paye in a maloka. Overnight in hammocks.

Kolumbien Amazonas Reise: Flug über den Regenwald
rain forest from above
Kolumbien Amazonas Reise: Wasserfall
one of many waterfalls
Kolumbien Amazonas Reise: Flussfahrt
cruising the Cananari river

Day 4: In the morning we can relax in the village and get to know the community a little. Later we hike 2 to 3 hours to Cerro Hasi, a rock visible from the village. In some of the caves in the rock we find cave paintings. We spend the night in hammocks in a cave.

Day 5: We hike another 5 hours through dense jungle. We pass crystal clear rivers with small waterfalls. The vegetation with numerous flowers is impressive. Finally we reach Cerro Mono or Cerro Nueva York. In the afternoon we climb to the top of one of the tepius where the view of the rainforest is fantastic.

We spend the night in one of the caves that has 4 entrances.

Day 6: The hike takes another 4 hours through dense rainforest. We reach the Caño Avina, where we have our lunch next to waterfalls. From there we return to Altamira by motorboat. Alternatively, we can paddle back by kayak (approx. 4 hours).

In Altamira we are welcomed back in the maloka, where we can report on our adventures.

Day 7: On this day we prepare a ceremony. Men collect coca leaves, that’s the mambe, the men’s work. The chicha, the women’s work, consits mainly of the gathering of casabe. We paint our face with carayuru. On this day we will learn a lot about Taibona culture. In the late afternoon we gather in the maloka. Here the ceremony begins, which will last all night. It’s the highlight of the trip.

Kolumbien Amazonas Reise: Fischen
bathing in the river
Kolumbien Amazonas Reise: Höhlenmalereien
ancient cave paintings
ceremony in the maloka

Day 8: The ceremony ends in the morning. Those who took part in the yahe session still need the blessing of the payé. He also gives instructions regarding the diet to be followed over the next few days.

We go to the Cananari River to take a ritual bath and purify our bodies inside and out. The rest of the day we will relax in the village. The last night in hammocks follows.

Day 9: Early in the morning we take a boat on the Cananari River back to Buenos Aires. From there we fly back to Mitu in the Cessna, where we spend the night in the hotel.

Day 10: Transfer to Mitu Airport and flight to Bogotá.