Barichara is a village of 7,000 inhabitants in the mountains east of the town of San Gil. For many, Barichara is the prettiest village in Colombia. The town center consists of well-preserved colonial architecture from the 18th century. After the site was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, extensive restoration work began. The quiet and peaceful atmosphere, the good mountain air and the beautiful views of the surrounding valleys and mountains make a stay in Barichara very pleasant and relaxing. The largest and most impressive building in the center is the cathedral – almost too big for the small village. It was built with sandstone in the 18th century. A very nice little park is the Parque para las Artes with several statues and a small amphitheater. From here you also have a great view. There are several other churches and chapels that can be visited. An old road leads from Barichara to the small neighboring village of Guane. It is the Camino Real that has been used by the locals for centuries. The 2-hour hike leads through beautiful scenery. From Guane you can take the bus back to Barichara.