Colombia trips

In Colombia, you can take a tour of the north and the lesser-known south of the country. If you want to get off the beaten tourist track, you can visit eco-lodges around the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta or take a trip to the Kogi. You can choose from the following Colombia trips:

Colombia clasico

On the trip Kolumbien clasico you visit Colombias most beautiful cities and the nicest villages. The highlights are:

  • Bogotá with its old town and two world-class museums: the Botero Museum and the Gold Museum.
  • Zipaquirá with its famous underground cathedral.
  • The two pretty little towns of Villa de Leyva and Barichara. Both places offer some sights, and you can also make great day trips.
  • A coffee tour at the Hacienda el Roble.
  • Caribbean feeling in Palomina with its beautiful beach.
  • Cartagena, the most beautiful city in Colombia and one of the most beautiful colonial cities in South America.
  • Possible extension on the island Mucura or in the natural reserve Sanguaré.
Kolumbien Reisen Barichara
Kolumbien Reisen: Bogota Goldmuseum
Bogota Goldmuseum

Colombia – the unknown south

The trip Colombia – the unknown south brings you to the lesser known south of the country. But here, too, there are a number of highlights, some of which are surprising:

  • The Tatacoa desert with bizarre landscapes and canyons.
  • The San Agustin excavations with hundreds of statues of animals, humans and monsters.
  • Popayán is next to Cartagena the best preserved colonial city in Colombia.
  • In Silvia and Misak you will visit indigenous groups and learn about their way of life.
  • The Cocora valley with the tallest palm trees in the world.
  • Visit and coffee tour at the Ocaso coffee farm.
  • Medellin, the second largest and most modern city in Colombia.
Kolumbien Reisen: San Agustin
San Agustin
Kolumbien Reisen: Coaba
Coaba reforestation project

Colombia nature pure, cacoa and Kogi

The main destinations of this Colombia trip are 3 eco-projects in which you can immerse yourself in the fascinating nature of Colombia off the beaten track.

  • Arboledas – waterfalls, sacred plants, cocoa ceremony
  • Yoga Eco Village Gambhira: pure nature, places of power and yoga
  • Coaba: reforestation project with Eco-Lodge
  • Fauna, flora and medicinal herbs around Coaba
  • Cabo Tortuga: relaxation on the Caribbean
  • Extension options in Cabo Tortuga or Cartagena