Kogi – the elder brothers

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is a mountain region on the Caribbean coast with the highest peaks in Colombia. From the beaches of Tayrona at sea level, the Sierra Nevada rises at a rapid pace to the snow tops of around 5800m. Due to these height differences, you will find all kind of climate zones in this relatively small area of 17,000 km² and as a result, you will also find many different and unique ecosystems.

The Sierra Nevada area is inhabited by indigenous people, descendants of the former “Tayrona”, who live largely according to their traditional culture. We are talking here about the “Kogui”, “Arhuacos”, “Wiwas”, and “Kankuamos”.
They speak their own language, have their own traditional dress, live in traditional villages and houses, but most
importantly, they have their own beliefs and traditions about their world and way of life.

This 3-day tour takes you to the villages of Palmor and Satey. Palmor is a village with two sides, a village with settlers from different areas of Colombia, who have settled in the foothills of the high mountains, mainly engaged in coffee production and other agriculture. The other side is the indigenous people, who come to Palmor to supply a number of needs. It is a very lively and peaceful village.

Satey is a traditional Kogi village further into the mountains. It is almost surreal to see the difference with our western world, and to think that we can actually find a completely different culture and way of life at such a short distance is incredible.
The community has both political and spiritual leaders, and the so-called “Mamos” (shamans) are the most important
community members. They have natural authority because of the knowledge they have acquired. The Kogi people live
here in harmony with nature.

Small groups up to 5 persons!
Participants: 2 to 5
Dates upon request

4-5 pax500 €
3 pax600 €
2 pax700 €

Prices valid for trips before January 1st, 2024

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Programm of the Kogi trip

Day 1: You will be picked up from the hotel in Santa Marta. From here you will go by jeep to the village of Palmor. You will be travelling for approximately one hour on a paved road, and then for 1 or 2 hours, depending on the season, you will drive on a dirt road into the mountains. After your arrival in Palmor, you will visit the village and have lunch in a local restaurant. In the afternoon you will take a short walk to a waterfall and also make a coffee tour in the vicinity of Palmor. The day ends with dinner at Palmor and spending the night in huts in the hills just outside the center, with
a view over the village.

Day 2: After an early breakfast you will travel further into the mountains by jeep. Depending on the season, you will drive on a dirt road for about 1 to 2 hours to a local farm. From there you will start your trekking through the mountains and hike into the world of the Kogis. The subtropical ecosystem presents a huge variety of natural beauty. You will take a quick break from the 3-hour walk with a lunch stop at a beautiful location. After arriving in Satey, you will be welcomed by the community, and you will be scheduled to meet with the “Mamo”. The program for the rest of the afternoon and evening is open, depending on the permissions given by the people of the village. The activities depend on the community suggestions. The aim is to interact as much as possible with the indigenous people, and your local Kogi guide will play a major role in this. You will have dinner this evening in the village, and sleep in a
hammock in a “Choza” (Kogi hut).

Day 3: You will get up early for a walk to the river. In agreement with the guide, you can either have a walk or spend more time at the village of Satey. After breakfast it is time to go back and hike to the farm where you were dropped off the previous day. Here, you will have lunch before taking the jeep back to Palmor, and finally return to Santa Marta.

Kolumbien Kogi Panorama
Kolumbien Kogi