Krakau eng


Krakow is the capital of Lesser Poland and, with almost 800,000 inhabitants, the second largest city in the country after Warsaw. The former capital has many historical sights and is considered the most beautiful city in Poland. The historic buildings shape the center and date from the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque eras. The main landmark is the Wawel Castle on a hill in the center, the residence of the Polish kings from the 11th to the 18th century.

The area around Krakow also offers interesting excursions. Therefore, on this trip we also visit Auschwitz, the most famous concentration camp in Poland, and Wieliczka, where we visit the salt mine and the chapel located there.

Participants: 6 – 15, price: 415.-€ (double room)

Day 1: Departure from Vienna at the agreed meeting point at 1 p.m. Arrival at the hotel in Krakow around 7 p.m.Polen Reise: Auschwitz

Day 2: Travel by bus to Auschwitz (approx. 1.5 hours). Visit of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp with a guided tour (3.5 hours). The tour includes the main camp and the Birkenau camp, between which a shuttle bus runs. After the tour, return to Kraków by bus. In the evening, an optional dinner in a typical Polish restaurant in Kraków.

Day 3: Morning walk through the center of Kraków. We see the historic city center, the Jewish quarter and walk through the courtyards of the royal palace. Afterwards optional lunch in a typical restaurant from the time of communism (Bar Mleczny, “milk bar”). The afternoon is at leisure. You can take a tour of the Polen Reise: Krakaucastle, visit the Schindler enamel factory or visit the National Museum.

Day 4: Travel by train to Wieliczka (approx. half an hour). Here we take a guided tour of the salt mine, where the famous chapel of St. Kunigunde is located. The tour lasts around one and a half hours. There is also a restaurant in the mine for lunch. Then optional visit to the salt graduation works. Afterwards return to Krakow.

Day 5: The morning is free for further sightseeing in Kraków. In the afternoon return by bus to Vienna.